Thursday, December 02, 2010

30 Days of Me: Day Four

It is day four of my 30 Days of Me challenge. Today's task: "A habit that you wish you didn’t have."

This is easy and it is a little embarrassing. But luckily I already got it over with and mentioned it on day one:
"For the last two years I've had this incredibly weird habit of picking (picking, not biting) at my fingernails. The nails are so short my fingertips actually hurt. I used to have lovely nails. Not super long but long enough to be considered feminine and fun to paint. I'm not sure why I developed this habit."
Every day for months I make a goal to grow my nails. Some days I will even go so far as file them smooth and apply a conditioner only to find that by evening I'm picking at them again. It is an insane habit.

But I think I've found a reason and a solution. Yesterday while I was driving home with Jeff I realized why I developed what is essentially a boredom habit. For a good twenty or so years of my life whenever I watched TV or went on long drives I also knitted or crocheted something at the same time; usually something easy like an afghan, keeping my hands too busy to be picking anything let alone my fingernails. Essentially my hands were always kept busy.

It seemed like the busier I got on the computer the less time I put in to crafts like knitting and crocheting. The whole nail picking of the last few years must have developed out of my lack of keeping my hands busy with thread art.

My solution? To take up knitting/crocheting again. Now to find a project pronto.