Friday, January 07, 2011

30 Days of Photos: Day One

It is day one of my 30 Days of Photos challenge (feel free to join me at any time).

Over the holidays I bought eleven black frames from Micheal's during their 40% off sale. I have been wanting to do this for literally two years. I got the idea from my friend Lana who has picture stories throughout her house using black frames. I just like the look.

My plan was to frame all the photos which I had taken off the book shelves in the living room and put them on the wall so the book shelves / tv unit wouldn't look so crowded. Unfortunately the frames sat in a pile in the corner of my office for the whole two years being moved a few time to be dusted.

I took the opportunity of my in-laws coming to force myself to finally get the photos up. My plan was to use a large sheet of paper to mark the frames position and where to put the nails then tape it up on the wall and put in the nails. I thought it was a fool proof plan that even I could accomplish and I had every intention on doing this all by myself. I swear!

Some where between me taping the paper to the wall and Jeff getting up it turned into a team project of me being the assistant with veto power and Jeff doing as he says, "the grunt work". In all honestly, who knows what it would have looked like had I did it. Jeff had out his tape measure, ruler, and level to make sure everything looked right (I would not have done that). And after an hour or so (I kind of lost tract it was probably longer) the pictures were in their new home. In case you didn't know already I think he pretty much rocks the husband department.


CherylK said...

I would definitely agree that Jeff rocks in the picture hanging department! Am going to read about 30 Days of Pictures and possibly join!