Friday, January 14, 2011

30 Days of Photos: Day Three

It is day three of my 30 Days of Photos challenge (feel free to join me at any time).

Yesterday Jeff and I went to Toronto so he could see a migraine specialist. We made a day of it leaving early in the morning so we could enjoy the drive up and not be rushed. We had a muffin and milk at Sunnybrook's Starbucks before heading to Jeff's two hour appointment. Good thing I brought a book.

Anyway, afterward we planned on a dinner out. We drove around for a while int Toronto before we decided on Wimpy's Diner in Ajax. It was one of those drive by, "this looks interesting" decisions. It's a retro looking diner with lots of memorabilia on the walls to look at. There is a mixture of regular tables / booths and giant booths. Here is the booth we sat in:

We both ordered the Wimpy Special burger which was seriously larger than life and really tasty. The service was very quick and very friendly. The only downside was the seriously scary washrooms.