Friday, January 07, 2011

30 Days of Pictures

Last Friday I was excited that I had finished off the 30 Days of Me meme and could move on to something new and exciting. I also hinted about continuing with the 30 day theme possibly in pictures. Well, I've decided to go ahead with the 30 Days of Pictures theme. And I invite you to do it along with me.

Some background. From an early age, like preteen, I had a fascination with cameras and pictures. Probably because I had virtually none of myself. I literally have one baby picture of me and even with that I have a full head of hair and am probably more toddlerish.

In high-school I was introduced to black and white photography and developing my own negatives and printing. I absolutely loved it and dreamed of having my own dark room. I bought many magazines that featured some of the worlds best photographers of people and still life. Shortly after this I got a job at Japan Camera in their printing department. Again, I loved it, but the customer service aspect made it incredibly stressful. It was because of this job I was able to buy my first SLR camera which I still have but almost never use and it is where I met a cute guy with a mustache.

Jeff was equally into cameras and took a course in university. He got a job at Japan Camera, we dated, we took lots of pictures of pretty much everything.

Then we got married and the picture taking was replaced by the other things in life... um, like the internet, paying the mortgage, etc. Then digital cameras got really big and we began taking digital pictures and movie making but not really from the artistic view that we both started with. More from a memory capture kind of view.

So with all that in mind, don't expect to see any shots that should appear in coffee table books. Let the fun begin!

Day One: Speaking of photos
Day Two: 3D Me
Day Three: Wimpy, Wimpy, Wimpy
Day Four: Tea for Two (or Three or...)
Day Five: African Violets
Day Six: The Photo Booth
Day Seven: Black Bean Brownies
Day Eight: Animal Snow Prints
Day Nine: The Toaster Oven that Almost Was
Day Ten: Tender Tootsies
Day Eleven: Chocolate Cake in a Mug
Day Twelve: Blooming Tea
Day Thirteen: Warm Feet
Day Fourteen: Doodling Oodles
Day Fifteen: Wee Me
Day Sixteen: My Door Greeter
Day Seventeen: Lola and Hair Tinsel
Day Eighteen: Striped Sox
Day Nineteen: Cute Chicks
Day Twenty: Couch Potatoes
Day Twenty-One: Pancakes and Maple Sausage
Day Twenty-Two: Springing to Life
Day Twenty-Three: Storm Front
Day Twenty-Four: Curbside Composting


Tammy Jones said...

I'm thinking of doing the meme. Do you have the full list?


Moe said...

There is no list, just take 30 pictures over 30 days. :D