Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Days of Photos: Day 21

It is day twenty-one of my 30 Days of Photos challenge (feel free to join me at any time).

This weekend we participated in Maple Fest which involved driving 20 or so minutes to a family farm that has been producing maple for a few generations and having fresh pancakes with their maple syrup and a side of maple infused sausage. It cost $8 and was totally worth it. The picture looks cramped because I was cramped. It was a full house with people lining up outside. I'm so glad we got up early. Ok, I got up early, Jeff was already up.

The pancakes were awesome fluffy. FLUUUFFY! Neither of us were able to finish the second pancake. We did this last year and toured a bunch of other farms on the tour to taste wines, cheese etc but this year we just took in the drive and the breakfast. I think will probably become a yearly event.

Check out your local paper and see if you have one coming up!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Days of Photos: Day 20

It is day twenty of my 30 Days of Photos challenge (feel free to join me at any time).

This is the number one reason why Jeff and I never get to sit or lie on the couch. Need I say more?

Friday, March 18, 2011

30 Days of Photos: Day 19

It is day nineteen of my 30 Days of Photos challenge (feel free to join me at any time).

One of the local stores brought in some baby chicks to entertain the kids while their parents shop. It worked. It entertained the adults too. Like me. The iPod Touch was out in seconds; I actually remembered to bring it with me. Unfortunately, the heating lamp popped on as I was taking pics (I color corrected and everything so you can imagine how much redder they were). This picture truly doesn't do their cuteness justice.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

30 Days of Photos: Day 18

It is day eighteen of my 30 Days of Photos challenge (feel free to join me at any time).

I like striped socks. And I like daisies. These socks are from an online company called Thox. They make socks for girls with big feet (long, not wide).

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30 Days of Photos: Day 17

It is day seventeen of my 30 Days of Photos challenge (feel free to join me at any time).

I posted a review at for hair tinsel. One of the pictures I took was with a camera app (Camera Bag) on my iPod Touch which gives the effect of having a bunch of different cameras. This photo in particular was with the Lola effect (there's like ten others with just this one app). It's one of my favorite effects.

Me without make-up, oh my!

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

More Space in Kitchen

A few weeks ago I mentioned we got a new toaster oven (Oster Digital Toaster Oven with Convection). It's much bigger than our old toaster and having both of them on the spare counter completely took up all the extra space we had put the counter in for.

Much to my chagrin Jeff decided he wanted to put up a shelf. I talked him into cupboards and we went cupboard shopping. It was a learning experience that made me decide $600 was too much money and I allowed him to revisit the shelf idea again. After some discussion we decided on using the board I had in my office that I used for sorting papers, it has been standing in the corner for the last six months unused so I offered it up.

All he had to buy were brackets. I asked him to decorate the edge (there's a guy term for it but it escapes me) to match the plant shelf above the sink and he did.

I think the shelf has been up for about two weeks. I love it. As you can see we put both the microwave and the toaster oven on it. Jeff even put a light under the shelf so it wouldn't be too dark. I haven't used it yet but it's a nice feature to have. I wish we had done it sooner!

In the summer he will take it down and spray paint it white along with the kitchen doors.

Now for Oster's Digital Toaster Oven with Convection. It makes toast, it bakes, it fan bakes, it dehydrates. The only problem? The frigging manual sucks! Seriously. The only directions are how to set the clock and turn on each feature. There is no information on what to use the convection for i.e. bake chicken, not bake chicken, bake cake, not bake cake. Or if you are going to bake a cake or bake a chicken what kind of time variance from your regular oven I should use. No suggestions what-so-ever on how to use the bloody thing! I even went to their website, nothing. So basically everything is an experiment. Oster has some work to do in helping me to enjoy their product.

30 Days of Photos: Day 16

It is day sixteen of my 30 Days of Photos challenge (feel free to join me at any time).

In our neighborhood it is not uncommon to sit down to dinner then have someone knock at the door. Knocking or, heaven forbid, ringing the doorbell sends the dog into a barking tizzy. A tizzy I tell you! In an effort to avoid the literal headache, Jehovah witness, people who want us to change company or buy security alarms or have our driveway paved or whatever; we put up a no soliciting sign. You can't see the fine print but basically it says we welcome girl guides, they at least bring cookies with them.

I came home from shopping yesterday and was unloading the vehicle and had to snap this shot of Shelby patiently waiting for me while surveying the street.

You'd be amazed how many people still knock. Then comment on the sign as if it wasn't meant for them. So annoying.