Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Can See Clearly Now... Not Yet

We are getting new windows. Why, you ask? We live in a fifty year old side-split with old cottage windows. It's cold and because of such we are a slipper household (I hate slippers). We are told new windows will cut our energy expenditure by 25-35%. The only problem? Shopping for windows has become like shopping for a vehicle. Why can't everyone just offer the best price to everyone? I hate negotiating, trying to figure out if one type of window is better than another etc. I just want to call someone up and say, "Hey, I need windows!" and not have to worry if I'm getting ripped off. Why does shopping for big items have to be so worrisome? I want to know.


sweatpantsmom said...

We just had a horrible experience buying a new garage door. Seriously, I think buying an organ on the black market would have been easier and less seedy.

(Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your thoughtful comment.)