Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Old is New Again

Alright, here are the before and after pictures of the floors. It's kind of hard to tell from the before because of the flash but they were quite orange. The coating was about 40 years old and had carpet on previously. Most of the carpet came up easy except for the stairs where there was an extra layer of carpet that was glued down.

We scraped most of the goo and carpet off but it still looked like this.

The scuffs you see on the risers is from when they were polishing. We have to sand and apply another coat of white paint. What an improvement though, eh?

We had to move all the furniture out. This is the night before. And that is the carpet the dog slept on. Poor baby.
Ooo... they are so shining. Now we're all paranoid about scratching them. Too late! Shelby christened them when the mailman came. Hopefully we get over this sensitiveness soon.

Still shiny!


Keris said...

Ooh, they look great! And, yes, I'm catching up with my blog-reading! ;)