Tuesday, July 03, 2007

B.C. or BUST

Yes, that's right people. I am going to B.C. After many years of haggling I am finally going. So are the dog, the cat and the in-laws.

Jeff and I decided on this trip last summer. It's a once in a lifetime trip for us. We decided that regardless of anything else we were going. One of the first thing we knew was we were going to go via RV. Since we can't drive through Ontario without stopping in the home town we booked the RV there. It just made sense to rent it from there and head out instead of renting it form here, stopping for a few days and then heading out again.

In the late fall we watched the movie RV with Robin Williams (totally recommend it) and I got the brilliant idea to ask Jeff's parents to come along. Actually, it was a combination of the movie and years of stories from Jeff about travelling with his parents when he was a kid. They aren't getting any younger and I thought this would be a great memory for him to have. Hopefully, I can behave myself.

When I mentioned it Jeff didn't really take me seriously. After numerous minutes of assuring him I was he jumped on the idea. We decided it would be our Christmas present to them. As Christmas drew nearer we debated on ways to present their gift. We finally came up with a toy bus, a little smaller than a pound of butter, that he painted white and he decaled with BC or Bust and The Wood's. He also printed out pictures of all our heads, including dog and cat and pasted them on the inside windows. We wrapped it up and presented to them when they came to visit us for the holidays. They weren't sure what to make of it at first but were touched. I think they were kind of slow to warm up to the idea. They obviously had the same concerns Jeff did. His parents and I in an enclosed space for three weeks.

I joke about the "in-laws" but Jeff's parents are really great. They have always been there for us when we needed it. They are very supportive. The biggest problem I think will be all the type-A / alpha personalities and the fact that I'm used to being alone most of the time. The longest amount of time I've spent with them was three weeks and it went really badly. A week and half seems to be our tolerance limit (both ways). I'm hoping the fact that we're all on neutral territory will make the difference.

We are leaving for Thunder Bay on Friday and I hope to update the blog at least twice a week (connection pending) about our travels and escapades.

Wish me luck and a safe journey!

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