Sunday, October 07, 2007

1000+ Islands and a Sunburn

It's Thanksgiving weekend. Jeff is thrilled to have an extra day off. Today I dragged him to Kingston to take a three hour boat tour around the 1000 islands. Happiness is fleeting.

There had to be 300 other people doing the same thing. The ship was a triple decker with the upper area open to the elements. If you click on the image you can see the level we sat on. Right about where the flag is.

Since I have a tendency to get motion sickness we stayed on top for the whole three hours, hence the sunburn in the title. Where's the sunburn? My forehead. No where else. Just the forehead. And it's bad. It's probably the worst burn I've had in a decade. Apparently the ultra-whatever rays are still strong this time of year. It was otherwise a gorgeous trip, a little loud between the kids (there was a large family eating pickled eggs beside us, ewww) and the intercom playing Cajun inspired music.

Here are a few pictures. Click to enlarge.

Lift Bridge:

Fort Henry:

Automobile Ferry:

Can you imagine having your own island? I don't know, when I think of having my own island I think of something somewhat bigger. But still, great abode isn't it? Believe it or not, there were actually much smaller islands with large homes on them. You literally stood on a rock to get to the front door.

And the going rate? If you have to ask you most definitely can't afford. But still, I want to know too.