Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Bon Echo Face Plant

Yesterday Jeff and I went to Bon Echo Provincial Park which is about an hour and half drive from where we live. I had asked Jeff earlier in the week if he wanted to go this weekend. I had this incredible desire to see the "Mazinaw Rock. This 1.5-kilometre sheer rock face rises 100 metres above Mazinaw Lake, one of the deepest lakes in Ontario there." Bon Echo is very inspiring especially in the fall but I haven't been there in the winter (Jeff has, camping with students) and was feeling the need for natural inspiration.

It was a lovely drive alternating between puffy cloud cover and the sun peeking through. Not surprisingly the road into the park, just past the entrance was closed. Jeff parked in the Rangers parking lot and we walked into the park. It was a crisp -5 and we dressed in our scarves, mits and other required winter paraphernalia.

One of the obstacles was a gate blocking the road. We decided to climb over the small hump of snow to the right of the gate and walk around. Simple enough. Jeff went first, with me tagging behind, and stepped into a hole. He turned to let me know to be careful but it was already too late. He watched in aw as I sunk between two rocks to mid calf then did a slow motion face plant. His first comment? "I told you there was holes". My response? Hysterical laughter. Jeff threatened to go back to the van for the camera.

After a few moments. He helped me get to my feet and we continued around the gate onto the main road into the park. We probably walked twenty feet before we had to stop. I almost peed my pants laughing as I continued to relive my face plant. Jeff of course had to impersonate my graceful maneuver which made it all the more funny. We finally regained control of ourselves and continued walking on the snowmobile packed roadway. The snowfall alternated as we walked between minute flurries and coin sized flakes. There are lots of pretty streams to stop and watch and listen too along the way. The park was incredibly quiet and peaceful. I could have lied down and gone to sleep. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the rock. It really is a big park and trekking through snow even if it's slightly packed isn't exactly easy going. After an hour the snow was getting heavier so we decided to turn back.

Of course it's always harder on the way back and the laughter endorphins I had at the start had worn off. Around every corner seemed to be a steep hill I didn't remember coming down previously. But we made it back to the van with minimal whining and no repeat face plants. Here's a picture of us outside the van. It was actually snowing harder than it looks. And no, my nose isn't that pointed it's a snowflake whizzing past the camera's lens.

Half way home we were starving and stopped at a Flying J (love the Flying J), a truck stop restaurant for a hearty meal and a very hot mocha java to warm up our then chilled bones.

Today, I'm suffer the effects of my fall (or maybe the hike) with stiff limbs and back and a bruise on my calf but the laughter alone was worth it.

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Mahala said...

That sounds like the perfect outing.