Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Home for Plus Size Shopping Blog

My plus size shopping blog celebrated it's one year anniversary on June 14th. It wasn't until the new Blogger system started to give me a hard time that I decided to move the blog to my website server and give it it's own URL. I thought sinse I was moving it I might as well give it a new look too.

But lets face it. I'm a busy woman and a tad lazy and just didn't want to go through the process of learning something new (from scratch) at this moment in time. So I enlisted the aid of WordPress extraordinare Heather from Desperately Seeking WordPress and Jo-Lynne from DCR Designs to give me a hand. They were both incredibly helpful, affordable; and I think they did a beautiful job.

I present to you my new plus size shopping blog, My Favorite Things, under the url as in 'plus she'. If you say it fast it almost sounds like plushie which I think is cute. So pop over, play with the poll, leave a comment and do some shopping.