Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Going Organic

In the spring Jeff was talking to a fellow teacher and the topic of organic veggies came up. He came home with the name and number of a local farm that grows organic veggies and delivers them to your home every two weeks.

There are two things I like about this concept. The most obvious I presume is the food is organic. No pesticides, yada yada. The second is that it helps support local farmers.

I called him up and left a message. Nothing. I didn't bother calling him back going on the assumption he didn't have room for any more clients. Well last week he called. I know, right. I laughed too. I was surprised he still had our number. But I was still interested so we talked a bit about likes and dislikes etc and arranged a date for our first delivery which was Tuesday this week.

The cost works out to $20 a week for fourteen items. They arrived in one of those lidded blue bins you use for storing clothes or whatever (I have a closet full). Anyway, here's a picture of the loot he dropped off:

We were quite happy with what he brought. The watermelon was awesome and we are huge friends of spaghetti squash. I keep smelling the herb mixture because it smells awesome (chocolate mint, dill, rosemary). I think we will be able to eat everything up within the two weeks.

Check out your local farmer's market to see if anyone does it in your area.