Thursday, March 24, 2005

Reality TV Shows

There are so many reality TV shows. Every week a new one is introduced. You'd think since we are so damn interested in reality shows we'd just shut off the TV and interact with the body next to us.

I have a concept for a new reality TV show. Picture this: A school in a crummy neighbourhood, 10 of the countries brightest teachers and 10 classrooms full of the worst students known to man. Every week the teachers get a new room and a new set of kids. The last teacher standing gets the dough or no taxes taken off their income for the rest of their career they spend teaching. As you probably figured out, I don't think teachers should have to pay taxes. It has nothing to do with the fact my husband's a teacher either.

Teachers don't get paid enough. They should be in the same bracket as docters. You only see a doctor for a few minutes once or twice a year. A teacher has time invested in kids; sometimes more than the parents. Not to mention the lack of hazard pay. How many kids walk into a clinic and start shooting patients and doctors? Teachers need to be nurtured more.

Wonder if Fox would be interested in my concept?