Tuesday, August 02, 2005

DaVinci Code

I finished the DaVinci Code by Dan Brown last night. Stayed up until 3am to get it done. Was it the best thing I ever read? No. Was it shocking? No. Was it entertaining? Yes. Would I recommend it for its entertainment value? Yes.

What's the DaVinci Code about (the shortened version): an old guy who works in a museum is killed. He leaves a message written on the floor in special ink so his grand daughter a cryptologist and an author of a book on Mary Magadelene will get called to the seen. They form a bond and begin answering clues the old guy left behind for them all while they are running from the police, the church and an albino monk with attitude. Where do the clues lead? The Holy Grail? X marks the spot? Buried treasure? The answer to life, love and destiny? Maybe. That's part of the mystery. But remember it's fiction and not meant to be taken as gospel.

Drop your thoughts.

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