Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cancer/Heart Disease and Weight?

Everywhere I see/hear how Obesity is killing everyone with cancer and heart disease. Yet all my skinny friends seem to be the ones dying or losing pieces of themselves.

I lost a friend 8 years ago. A very good friend. Jeff and I had just driven to Quebec to spend a weekend with her and then beau on their farm. She was an active woman all the time I knew her. She was a slim petite woman with a huge laugh and bright eyes. She taught me a lot. A week after we visited we received a call from her beau saying she had a massive heart attack and died. She was 42.

My mother-in-law has battled breast cancer. She has watched her weight all her life. She's very controlled meal wise (and otherwise). I've never seen her overeat once.

I visited another friend last week who was recently operated on for colon cancer. She's currently going through chemo treatments, has no hair, no appetite but great looking skin. When asked about prognosis she says it's called "I'm not dead yet!" Here, another person that has no incidence of weight issues. She does however have a skyrocketing blood pressure.

There's more and more people I've met who have no apparent weight issues but have other increasing health problems. Being overweight and obese doesn't cause diseases.

Read Big Fat Facts.