Thursday, September 14, 2006

Keebler Elf

So last week I was all positive about the new addition to The View. This week I'm thinking, "Rosie! What are you thinking!?" Today, out of no where, Rosie starts talking about all the tasty treats made by Keebler and next thing I know a life size Keebler Elf comes out followed by a slew of men dressed in white tuxes carrying trays. They all break into a Broadway musical skit about Keebler products with Rosie at the centre. I shook my head the whole time. It's nice to give stuff away but could this be any more of a blatant commercial? You would think Rosie would know better. Heck you would think Barbara would know better. I just don't know...*still shaking head*.


Keris said...

Now I don't mean to cast nasturtiums on your sanity, but are you sure that wasn't a dream?

Moe said...

I wish it was a dream. Nasturtiums? Show off.