Monday, December 11, 2006

30 Wanna Movie Hottie: 2

Happy Monday! I decided to go with a woman this week. I am after all and equal opportunity admirer. This week's Wanna Movie Hottie is Diane Lane. Some actors get better with age and she definitely falls into this category; both in talent and looks. In my opinion she is one of the most beautiful people in North America.

I remember being annoyed with her characters in such movies as The Outsiders, and Streets of Fire. It wasn't until her later works that I became a fan. Murder at 1600, A Walk on the Moon, The Glass House, Under the Tuscan Sun and Must Love Dogs have really established her as an adult actress worth spending your hard earn dollars to watch. Not to mention she attracts some attractive co-stars. I saw previews for the upcoming Killshot due out in 2007 and am so looking forward to it. It's an action thriller where her character witnesses a murder and she and her husband (Thomas Jane) are put into protective custody until a hit man comes looking for them.

When it comes to interviews, Diane is another actor who handles herself well. She's charmingly nervous and respectful which makes her even more beautiful.

The basics: Born 1965 in New York. She was a child actor and survived. She was married and bore a child with Highlander star Christopher Lambert but is currently married to actor Josh Brolin (remember Goonies?).

She had a beautiful official website which I've visited a few times before but now there's just a place holder by safesearching. Very disappointed. Luckily there are lots of fan sites.

Topic Links
* Murder at 1600 is available from Amazon.
* A Walk on the Moon is available from Amazon.
* Under the Tuscan Sun is available from Amazon.


Anonymous said...

You're right she's so beautiful. I really liked her in Streets of Fire though.

Reel Fanatic said...

I've always liked her .. my favorite roles would have to be in "The Outsiders" and in this year's "Hollywoodland"

Anonymous said...

"UNFAITHFUL" and "THE PERFECT STORM" are my favourites. She's so talented and so beautiful!

Keris said...

Yep, she's gorgeous (although that dress isn't doing anything for her boobs). I loved her in Unfaithful and The Perfect Storm too.

Moe said...

Keris, really? I'd take them. :)