Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Good with the Bad

As you know my in-laws are visiting. With the arrival of Jeff's dad comes the anxiety of "what kind of trouble are they going to get into". When they are together they like to make holes, saw things off, add things that shouldn't be added etc. You know, guy stuff. Anyway, I like to try to think things up ahead of time. I call them busy projects. These are to keep them out of trouble. So far so good.

One of the items we picked up this week at Ikea was curtains and a rod. We went with their brown Ritva ones and a silver rod. I'm still experimenting with the way they are hung and am trying to get used to the idea of having so much light flooding in. Since we moved in there have been the beige Venetians which came with the house. We had all the blinds off in the summer with the window replacement and really enjoyed the unobstructed view and added lighting. I've been going on for weeks about how I was going to make curtains and Jeff was going to make the rod but Jeff found these curtains and thought he'd save us both some time. What a guy. Who am I kidding. He knows I'm not related to Martha Stewart.

And the final product. They still have to be shortened a bit but we want to give them a day or two to see if we like them. (Please excuse lounging animals and dog blanket.

I bet you thought that was going to be the bad. No. Not it. More to come.

Remember my beautiful baby birch tree we planted in the back yard? Here is the post on it if you've forgotten. It's a lot bigger since this post. For some reason, when we were all distracted with other things, Shelby (our 70lb love bug) had a lapse in judgement. A huge lapse in judgement, and took one of the three main branches between her teeth, twisted and tugged, twisted and tugged with all her might until she practically broke it in half. Jeff caught her in the act before she completely detached it. Needless to say she was on the sh*tlist all night and most of today.

I didn't think to get a snapshot last night when it was hanging beside it's rooted bottom but here is the poor thing after Jeff splinted it. Good ol' duct tape.

We're hoping it will heal itself but we'll have to keep a close eye on it because Shelby was caught checking it out again this afternoon. She was immediately brought into the house because we all felt she could not be trusted alone outside for a while. Maybe the rest of her life.

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