Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A New Companion for the Doctor

I'm very sad. First, I have my second internal ultrasound coming up on Thursday. I've been feeling a pressure in my lower abdomen the last two weeks so I have myself believing the ovarian cyst has grown to the size of an apple. This may have something to do with seeing images of a 90lb cyst removed from a woman. Or maybe I'm just constipated. It'll probably be another month before I get the results by which time it will be the size of a cantaloupe or will have burst causing me considerable pain and damage.

As if that wasn't enough, Rose Tyler is trapped in an alternate universe never to fall openly in love with The Doctor. I'm seriously very upset about this. Rose Tyler is no longer the companion for the Doctor. Tonight was her last episode. A new companion will be replacing her in the third season in the Spring. When Christopher Eccleston left after the first season I had no intentions of watching any further episodes but luckily David Tennant was talented enough to pull me back in and of course there was Rose played by Billie Piper. Since then she's had the nerve to go off and make movies and play in the theatre. I miss the days when actors actually stayed with a show for five or seven years. ER comes to mind.

I hate change. And I plan to pout about this for awhile.


Keris said...

Oh dear, I am worried about your cyst. Do let me know how you get on on Thursday.

And wasn't Rose's last scene so sad? My nephews laughed at me for crying. Heartless oiks.