Sunday, July 15, 2007

Drumheller is Dino-myte!

Drumheller, Alberta is cool! I'd like to come back here and spend more time. The Tyrrell Museum is a must stop. We spent a couple hours there devouring dinosaur data. Jeff and I both are fans of the movie Jurassic Park so we really enjoyed seeing the tyrannosaurus and brontosaurus and other unique ones no one ever hears about unless they go to a museum.

Here's a picture of Shelby in the early morning, before we headed to the Tyrrell, outside a "touristy" shop. These greenies were all over the town. She doesn't look too worried about the horny dude looking over her shoulder does she?

The Giant Dinosaur lookout at Drumheller was $10 per person so we decided against it, saving our money for the museum and ice cream. Besides there are lots of other free lookouts in the area. That's me and Jeff's parents at it's feet. And that's our RV.

The next best stop was Drumheller's Hoo Doos, yes that's what they call them. They are a unique land formation. Rock solid. Very cool to look at. But we baked. It was well over 30 degrees. I actually stayed back with the dog in the RV because she was acting up, barking bad dog in the badlands. Good thing I had binoculars. [Some idiot climbed to the top to dig up a sunflower, roots and all.]

We ended the day in Banff, Alberta's National Park - Tunnel Mountain Trailer Park. There is an awesome view all around us. After we the RV, Jeff and I took Shelby and the cameras for a walk. Excellent area to be but I was very unhappy with the park, especially the bathrooms. No hand soap. No paper towel. No screens on windows. No locks/doors on showers and no hooks. For the price I expect at the very least to have some screens to keep moths out at night. I skipped showering in Banff for the two nights we were there because every time I looked in the shower I had a Stephen King moment.

Here are a few pictures of the view (click for larger image).

I really like this picture of Jeff and Dog. I was bending over trying to take a picture of Shelby and the long grass and just happened to catch Jeff at the right moment. It's all focused and everything.

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