Saturday, July 14, 2007

Salt and Ice Cream

Today was an easier day. Only 7.5 hours from Regina, Saskatchewan to Drumheller, Alberta. Final destination - Kokopelli Kampground. Jeff had to practice his backing up skills. He did a bang up job, no pun intended, OK pun intended.

On the way we stopped at Chaplin Nature Center in Chaplin, Saskatchewan. If you're ever out that way it's a must stop and see. There is a huge naturally occurring salt flat (NaSo4) as well as a protected bird nesting area. We didn't know about it before hand so coming upon it was like seeing snow in July. There is an interpretive center and an outdoor lookout for gazing at the salt lake and shore birds.

Just before the flat lands started changing into rolling hills we took some roadside pictures. I really like this one of Jeff took of a cow grade with his and his father's shadows. Jeff snuck this one of me checking for birds specifically the beautiful magpie we kept spotting over the last few days.

We stopped for ice cream at a roadside shack near Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. It was hotter than hot but no humidity and I had an air conditioned RV to run back to. I gave the poor girl a $5 tip (for a cool something something) because I felt sorry for her.

Drumheller is considered part of the "badlands" and it does get interesting as you go along. It's hard to describe. Lots of hills with deep crevices and very green and brown. Kind of spooky.