Friday, July 13, 2007

Regina, Saskatchewan

We left Rushing River about 10 am, much better than the previous day but still... with the long drive to Regina, Saskatchewan (8.75 hours) it would have been nice to leave earlier. The six of us just can't seem to get it together it leave by nine.

Sleeping quarters: I sleep on the pull out couch. Dog sleeps on the table that converts into a bed. Jeff sleeps above the captain chairs in an alcove. The in-laws sleep on the double bed in back.

We had a quick breakfast of cereal and toast. We are still getting a hang of where everything is and how to maneuver around one another in the small space.

The lunch stop today was at Humpty's Restaurant in Winnipeg. Apparently it belongs to a chain. Never heard of it. Good grub. It kind of reminded me of Denny's.

It was 8 pm when we pulled into King's Acres Campground. Nothing special. Gravel lot. Tight quarters. Pay showers. Bathroom a stone throw away. It was late, we pulled in, ate, and went to bed.