Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Cat's Back

I did the junkfood route. Lays chips, jalapeño dip and two éclair's over two days, not much of a splurge. I really wasn't into it. I watched The Island with Ewan McGregor which was sort of an updated version of Logan's Run. It was good (4/5). I was never much of a fan of Ewan but he was hot. I also watched four episodes of Fat Actress with Kirstie Alley (3/5).

I lied about not doing any stinking dishes or laundry. I even took out the trash, which I never do. I'm so whipped.

I changed the living room around and the cat loved it. I don't know why but she has to be right in the middle when furniture is moved and then she checks out every thing as if it's new. She is spoiled though. Her post is now in the center of the living room window and she couldn't be happier. Dog isn't climbing over the couch now to bark but all she has to do is walk up to the window; hence no sleep for me this morning. Grrr. And she's still limping. Double Grrr.

First thing Jeff said when he came in was "Oh, oh, someone's been moving around furniture again." Translation. "I don't like it" and "I hate change". You can guess my response I'm sure. I can't get over how big the window looks without the couch in front of it and somehow there is more space for doing yoga in the middle. Bonus! But it's only temporary.

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