Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Wanna Read... The Nettle Spinner

I was taking in my weekly episode of Writer's Confessions when Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer came on to talk about her writing experience. Something about her made me do a search for her official website and I learned about the author and her book, The Nettle Spinner.

Kathryn drew on her personal experience as a tree planter to write this story of a young woman named Alma who plants trees for the summer in northern Ontario.
In an emotional freefall after a passionate affair with a charismatic newcomer and a vicious attack, Alma retreats, pregnant and alone, to an abandoned mining settlement. There, with the help of the camp’s single inhabitant, she constructs for herself and her unwanted baby a world that grows more and more ominous. To keep terror at bay, she weaves cloth from thread made of stinging nettle fibre.
There's something sexy about the story... even the cover is sexy. I've put this one on my "wishlist" for when I have some spare change. Kathryn of course is a Canadian author so check her out.

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