Monday, May 26, 2008

Eco-Friendly Meme

Here's a meme I created for my Blogging Meme lens. Feel free to participate and link in the comments to your:

Do you recycle? Yes, every week. Flyers, cardboard, hard plastic, soft plastic, aluminum, and glass.

Do you do you laundry with hot or cold water? I do laundry with cold or lukewarm water. I also use cold water Tide.

What kind of light bulbs are in your house? We use the new energy efficient fluorescents. I was very resistant to using them but I've adjusted and don't even notice the difference anymore. Now, if only we can find a safe way of disposing of them.

Do you compost? Yes, we compost about 10 lbs of food waste a week. I have two composters in the back yard. Here's a lens I created on composting tips. I need to work harder at using things more quickly.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? We are currently leasing a Toyota Sienna but are looking into an energy efficient alternative. Hopefully they will be a little bit cheaper or there will be some type of financial incentive by the time that comes around.

Do you use plastic or reusable bags when grocery shopping? Both. We reuse any plastic bags we get until we can't use them anymore then they get recycled. We use a bunch of canvas type bags we've collected over the years for grocery shopping and I carry a hobo bag with me that pretty much holds anything. Here's a lens I created on eco-bags.

What are three ways you conserve energy?
* By not letting the water run when brushing teeth.
* Shutting off lights when leaving a room (or when DH has left the room).
* By not letting the car idle when it's not moving.


green thinking said...

We have a situation where we are rich really as a world overall, and yet we have the capacity to destroy ourselves, either through nuclear weapons or through environmental degradation, and we allow the life chances of hundreds of millions of people to be destroyed because we haven't found the will to tackle it.

Moe said...

Green Thinking - I think it has more to do with greed than will. It all comes down to money and one country not willing to give it up to another.

Loved your blog and linked it to my composting lens