Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tis the Season

I dropped Jeff off at the bus station at 7 a.m. It's so cold, -17C. I fought the urge to whine while we waited for the bus to arrive to take him to the airport. He'll have a two hour ride followed aby a few hours wait at the airport and finally a hour plane ride. His family is very excited. My MIL called yesterday afternoon to thank me yet again for letting him visit.

This will be our first Christmas in 20 years that we haven't spent it together. I was fine until I got up this morning and that thought popped into my mind. I had a wee bit of a teary session in the kitchen but tried to rein it back. I didn't want him to feel guilty. It was afterall my idea that he go spend the holiday with his aging father (who had two heart attacks and a blod clot in the lung in the fall) as it could very well be their last Christmas.

We are in a "winter storm watch" so I decided to do a few errands so I would't have to worry about going out next week. We've already had a bit of snow and I wanted to be prepared. I was amazed that every where I went people were in such a good mood. I haven't received so many thank you's' or had so many people clear the way for me to go first all in one day. I guess it really is the season.

Season's greetings to all of you and your families.