Saturday, March 26, 2005

Real Curves

I watched Real Women Have Curves last night. Going to write a review for L&L of it. So appropriate. But basicially it's the story of Ana, a latina teenager, during the summer of her 18th year. She's voluptuous and strong willed but is being held back by her family, especially her mother who constantly berates her because of physical appearance. Good movie. The best scene in the movie is when the women in the factory that Ana works in, strip to their underwear to expose their secrets.

I'm so screwed up with days today. I keep thinking it's a day later than it is. Feeling really tired these days, sleeping a lot more during the day than I should. I think I had a three hour nap. Oy! Still feel like I could go to bed early.

I didn't finish Can You Keep a Secret but I'm definitely sure it will be tonight and then I'll have to write a review up for that one. I started a crochet project a few weeks ago but it hasn't been moving along very quickly because of all the reading I have to get done and all the computer time needed. It's a shrug type thing for Jeff. He reads before bed and the room is very cold and he always has an extra blanket or towel over his shoulders. I'm trying to make it less girly but I don't know. I'll keep you informed. :)

Well, I'm off to read...