Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Signing Life Away

It's official, I signed the contract and sent off the agreement to rent the RV this summer. This is going to be the heftiest trip Jeff and I have ever had. Probably will ever have. One of those we'll be paying it off for some time events. But it's once in a lifetime. We're both excited and have reservations.

It sounds like Jeff's parents will be coming with us. They haven't given us a definite "no" and we keep talking about "when you guys come..." etc. I think we might have guilted them into it. Should be interesting. I'm hoping at least half of the places we stop at will have some kind of internet service so I can do updates. I know you can't wait to here about me and my MIL in a 30 foot space for three weeks.

I'm going to design some goofy t-shirts for us all to wear. Maybe a picture of B.C. on the front and "B.C. or Bust!" on the back. I know, geeky but we're like that. Jeff thought it was a hilarious idea. I think it's quite smart actually. If you have any suggestions, left me know. I'm open.