Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good Morrrrning....

Today's my wedding anniversary. Jeff and I have been married twelve years. We had our anniversary supper before we left. Jeff's parents said 'happy anniversary' to us before we were able to say it to one another. Grrr.

I woke up about 10 (yes, we slept in) and decided to walk to the bathroom before anyone else got up. I opened the door of the RV to leave and can you guess what kind of shock I had? If you've been to Jasper, you probably can. A female elk was munching on a shrub not even twenty feet away from the door. Of course I went on high alert as Shelby was nosing behind me. I quickly closed the door and yelled for everyone to look out the window. Jeff followed me out and took some video. Today was a good day for elk. We saw about twenty of them throughout the park. Some were grazing some were trying to sleep. All but one looked like they were female.

After showers we headed into Jasper for a brunch at Papa George's. I had a Mocha Java (my new drink/addiction - half coffee and half hot chocolate) and a cheese ciabatta with turkey and cheese and a bowl of zesty roasted yellow zucchini soup. We had a cute little waitress from Australia who has relocated to Jasper, married and pretty much settled here. She was a gem.

After that the MIL and I took a walk down Main Street to check out the shops. We could actually do it without bumping into people every three inches. I didn't buy anything. Not a big "touristy" shopper and most of the stores have pretty much the same thing. I would like to walk into a shop and find only things produced by locals instead of made in China. I have nothing against China but I can get that anywhere.

Late afternoon we headed over to the Jasper Tramway (the tram) which goes up 7,500 feet above sea level. I chickened out and napped in the RV with FIL, dog and cat. I was actually suffering a bit from lightheadedness and was afraid of making it worse. Ok... and screaming my head off in a box filled with 20 other people. Afterward Jeff thought I would have tolerated it well (I get nauseas in an elevator). It took about 7 minutes and was a smooth ride to the top. Jeff and his mother then walked around the boardwalks on top. It was windy and cool above the tree-line. Jeff took some footage which I watched that night. Here's a small sampling for you. It reminded me of the movie Truman, you can only go so far before you walk into the backdrop. Weird. A local told me a Tram is not a gondola. It's better. My loss... but at least Jeff experienced it with his mommy.

When we got back to the campsite Jeff did up some steaks on the barbe and I chopped some wood (day 2) and started a fire (ok, community start, lots of smoke). But it was a good one in the end and a good night for it. We sat outside reading and chatting. It was quite cozy. Not a bug to be found. Bonus! I did some longhand blogging and turned in by midnight.