Sunday, March 29, 2009

Small Talk Six - Getting Naked

Toni posted this meme at The Mud Bug this weekend and I just had to join in this week's dish. The Mud Bug shares a weekly meme under the guise of Small Talk Six. Every weekend something new and scandalous to blog about. This week:

“6 things you would like to do naked if you lived alone”

If you participate you can be just as verbose or as terse as you like about your answer list.

I've never lived alone, alone but growing up in my household was pretty much like being alone at least until the party started around 3 a.m.

Up until I was about six I loved to run around in my panties. At least until a neighbour came over and squealed at me, "I can see your titties". I highly recommend not doing this to your neighbour's kids. It's mortifying, even at six.

So if I wasn't so emotionally scarred from that incident and lived alone (with blacked out windows in the boonies) I would like to do the following six things naked:

1. run around (inside) the house
2. dance to my favorite songs whenever I wanted
3. lounge in my favorite chair while I read
4. occasionally sunbath (need a huge peek free fence of course)
5. fall asleep on top of my bed (it's so soft)
6. do the laundry

Toni mentioned she'd like to cook naked and I thought at first that might be fun but I'm a dangerous cook so decided against it.

So what would you do naked in your house uninterrupted (besides the obvious)?