Sunday, March 07, 2010

Furry Feet

JD is no longer an itty bitty kitty. In fact, for an eight month kitty he's pretty damn big. Soft and squishy, big as well in "Oh, my gawd what big feet you have!" big.

Speaking of feet. He has a strange phenomena that I have never seen in a cat, especially a cat that has spent the first two months of it's life runny wild and free.

JD has a huge growth of fur on the bottom of his feet between the large pad and small pads. It's about two inches long and prolific. So much so when he runs around the house he tends to slip and slide because the pads of his feet never seem to make contact with the floor.

This photo doesn't really do the fur justice -- he was squirming while Jeff held held and I tried to take a picture with one hand while showing off his foot.


vesta44 said...

Is he part/all Maine Coon cat? They have fur like that on the bottoms of their feet so that their pads don't freeze when they're outside in the wintertime. We have 2 cats that are part Maine Coon, and they both have fur like that on the bottoms of their feet (and slide across the tile floors when they run).

Moe said...

I actually think he is part Main Coon. We'll never know for sure because he's a feral cat we rescued from our neighborhood. I looked up pictures of them a few months ago when I first started suspecting and think he looks a lot like many of the pictures.